Как вести здоровый образ жизни в отпуске: 4 совета

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TOP of the most harmful breakfast by dietitians

For breakfast – gastritis! How safe is it to drink coffee in the morning and is there a fashionable substitute for muesli – granola? Dietitians have called the TOP of the most harmful products that increase the level of sugar in the blood and destroy the stomachs of Ukrainians. How to replace them better? And the recipe for a good breakfast, which conquered the entire Internet – a bowel. The third place of the antitank is granola. These are fashionable muesli with additives. They, as doctors warn, raise the level […]

How the radiation of smartphones affects the human body: the explanation of the scientists

Egyptian experts conducted a study, which found that the radiation of gadgets, which most people postriano have on hand, leads to premature aging. The study of scientists from Cairo University lasted 15 years. Scientists from Egypt stress that too frequent use of a mobile phone can cause premature aging. Professor of Biophysics and Radiophysics Fadha Mohammed Ali and other researchers found that electromagnetic radiation from smartphones harms blood cells. Because of this, the heart, bone marrow, glands, muscles, hormonal balance and liver enzymes suffer. The same negative impact is felt […]