Interesting facts about blood types

By the blood group, you can say a lot about a person. Experts say that the blood group is a person’s mirror. Let’s try to figure this out. I blood type This group is considered the oldest. It has come down to our days since the days of the Neanderthals (60,000 – 40,000 years BC). At that time people preferred to eat only rough food, such as, for example, carrion, which remained from predators, various wild plants, as well as all kinds of insects. What is better to do people […]

More dangerous than alcoholism can only be a chronic lack of sleep

Scientists from the company Medisys conducted a study that showed that a 5-6 hour sleep, or a so-called chronic sleep, is more dangerous for human health than alcoholism. Lack of sleep leads to such consequences as – problems with metabolism or obesity, an eternal state of depression, a feeling of fatigue, a greater predisposition to strokes and heart attacks. Lack of sleep in less than 8 hours and waking throughout the day adversely affects the cognitive functions of the human body. A person can no longer perform the tasks that […]

Scientists have learned to edit human DNA

A group of American and South Korean scientists conducted research on human embryos, in which DNA mutations of certain diseases were found. The materials of the experiments and the results of the work can be found in the scientific periodical “Nature”. In order to be able to work with human DNA and learn how to edit them, the eggs of twelve healthy women were taken. As for the male bio material, for the fertilization was taken the sperm of a person who had a certain mutation, and she was “cut […]