How the radiation of smartphones affects the human body: the explanation of the scientists

Egyptian experts conducted a study, which found that the radiation of gadgets, which most people postriano have on hand, leads to premature aging. The study of scientists from Cairo University lasted 15 years. Scientists from Egypt stress that too frequent use of a mobile phone can cause premature aging. Professor of Biophysics and Radiophysics Fadha Mohammed Ali and other researchers found that electromagnetic radiation from smartphones harms blood cells. Because of this, the heart, bone marrow, glands, muscles, hormonal balance and liver enzymes suffer. The same negative impact is felt […]

Why are air conditioners dangerous and who should be especially afraid of?

The benefit of health conditioners is – physicians consider the location in a sultry room to be much more dangerous than the use of an air conditioner. But also the use of these cooling devices is associated with various risks for the body, including very serious ones. Dry cough, runny nose, sore throat, ears, neck, and loins – with all these ailments, anyone who is in a room with an air conditioner can face it. Cold air jets are capable of causing a sharp drop in temperature and humidity, which […]

Body signals that we confuse with hunger

Sometimes what we consider to be hunger may turn out to be a thirst or a lack of sleep. Babies know exactly when they are hungry. They express their desire with a loud cry and do not calm down until they are satisfied. Approximately in the fifth year of life, our contacts, which conduct a signal of hunger, begin to get confused and the debugged mechanism can fail. To help them come leptin and ghrelin – hormones that regulate the feeling of hunger and satiety. They cause the right symptoms […]