ALACORDFARMA works in the field that cares about the main human values ​​- health and life, and one of the company’s highest priorities is to provide high quality products.

We strive to maintain effective feedback from our customers, healthcare providers and distributors, in order to make the process of treatment and disease prevention even more effective and safe, and in the event of side effects, to conduct an operational analysis and take all necessary measures to prevent such a risk. It is with this purpose that the company ALACORDFARMA has established a system of pharmacovigilance to monitor the manifestations of adverse drug reactions.

Pharmacovigilance is an integral part of the pharmaceutical company’s overall activities related to research and development aimed at identifying, assessing and understanding the possible negative effects of medical use of medicinal products, preventing them from occurring and ensuring patients’ safety.

If you have information about an adverse event or a lack of efficacy as a result of taking the medication, please report it, fill out the form below and attach the completed form to the message using (attach file).

For the patient. Map message to provide the patient and / or his representative, organizations representing the interests of patients, information on adverse reaction and / or lack of efficacy of the medicinal product in its medical application (Download form)

For a medical and pharmaceutical worker. Form No. 137 / o Card – reports of adverse reaction and / or lack of efficacy of the medicinal product during its medical application (Download form)