TOP of the most harmful breakfast by dietitians

For breakfast – gastritis! How safe is it to drink coffee in the morning and is there a fashionable substitute for muesli – granola? Dietitians have called the TOP of the most harmful products that increase the level of sugar in the blood and destroy the stomachs of Ukrainians. How to replace them better? And the recipe for a good breakfast, which conquered the entire Internet – a bowel.

The third place of the antitank is granola. These are fashionable muesli with additives. They, as doctors warn, raise the level of sugar in the blood, and then they cause hunger. The second place is the croissants on the hungry stomach. They guarantee unpleasant gravity. And the first place unexpectedly is carbonated water that irritates the mucous membrane of the stomach.

Replace the syrup with plain water, adding a little lemon, grapefruit or mint. A very delicious, refreshing drink is obtained “, – nutritionist Alexander Shulgin advises.

Cold fluid can cause mucus spasm, so doctors advise to drink only water at room temperature. Croissants or cakes need to be cooked only after porridge or eggs. But the granola with additives is better to replace the usual oatmeal, adding fruit. Or cook a trendy light breakfast that has captured social networks – a bowl.

Just take cottage cheese, milk, honey and whisk in a blender until you get a homogeneous mousse. Go to the bowl. Decorate with fresh berries and nuts. Tasty and useful breakfast is ready!